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Die Brechung, auch Refraktion, ist die Änderung der Ausbreitungsrichtung einer Welle durch eine räumliche Änderung des Brechungsindex des Mediums, das die Welle durchläuft. Die Änderung des Brechungsindex führt dabei zu einer Änderung der Phasengeschwindigkeit der Welle.

Identity for Cafler, a new startup born in Barcelona focused on delegated vehicle mobility

Cafler is a new startup focused on moving your vehicle for you that needs a corporate identity as well as the creation of all its visual language, a proposal for its digital experience and several communication pieces. With the idea of making this new service visible to the general public, and in turn to all its partners, a corporate identity is needed to explain its business model and help build confidence in all its professional collaborators.

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